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Mushroom Jones

Cincinnati, 1973-1976

Mushroom Jones was related to the Sacred Mushroom. They played locally for a few years, 1973-1976 or so. A later mention in the paper describes them as a 'country rock and funk' band.

The members were Tim Goshorn, Larry Goshorn (brothers, and former Sacred Mushroom members), Mike Reilly on bass, Steve Sigsbee on guitar and vocals, and Steve Brady on keyboards. 

The band opened for Pure Prairie League in January 1976, a brief newspaper review mentions a song called "Mumblin' To Myself". By then Larry Goshorn was in PPL. 

The info here was taken from newspaper accounts of the period and some recent bio/obituary info on the Goshorn brothers. There seems to be something missing as there is a one-off mention of the band playing in 1970 but no other shows until the 1973-1976 timeline. The 1970 show was probably the Sacred Mushroom trying out a new name, while the working Mushroom Jones started in 1973. Larry Goshorn was in PPL by 1975 so Steve Sigsbee probably replaced Larry.

No known recordings.