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Cleveland, 1970-1

One of two Mushroom bands in NE Ohio that occasionally played the same clubs - not at the same time. The Cleveland Mushroom was started and led by drummer Buddy Maver, formerly of Charade (and before that, Dick Whittington's Cats and Bocky and the Visions). Along with Buddy, the band included Chet Florence on bass, and brothers Bill and Jeff Jeric on guitars. Bill Jeric had been in the James Gang and Chet Florence has been in the soul Sensations who recorded on Way Out. Like a few other bands of the time including Checkered Demon and Jessup, Chet was a black musician in an otherwise white rock band. 

The band played covers and original songs, and did pretty well. They recorded an LP worth of original songs, trying to get a record deal, but nothing became of it.

In later 1971 or early 1972, the band broke up and Buddy and Chet became the rhythm secfion for the newly formed Rainbow Canyon.