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Moroccos / Morocco Muzik Makers / Little Woo Woo and the Morroccos

Dayton early 1960s-1970s

The Moroccos started out playing R&B as the band to singer Little Woo Woo. Edward Early was Woo Woo's real name and  Earl McDaniel was a member of the Moroccos. They wrote the songs for the first couple 45s. The first 45 was released on the a local label, 3M, and picked up for national release on Port. The next 45 was issued on Greenstar, which has a connection to the Redbug label.

The band's third 45 was recorded for Motown, the group recorded there with some help from the Funk Brothers. The record was issued under the name Morrocco Muzik Makers, probably to avoid conflict with a different Moroccos group. Clarence Paul and WIlliam "Mickey" Stevenson were credited with the production.

In 1967, a LP and 45  were recorded by Little Woo Woo, with Sammy Dobson on organ and Billy Vance on drums. The records were released on their own Heat label, listing Biringham, AL as the location. The LP includes some R&B standards and two original songs. The originals use Megacity as the publishing. It's not clear where the songs were recorded and what the connection is between Woo Woo/Edward and Birmingham. 

There is a nine year gap from the Motown 45 to the next Moroccos record as far as we know. Their return to recording is a wicked psychedelic funk song "Union Depot" and the soul ballad "Get Away". No trace of Edwards or McDaniel in the credits, so it seems there was a significant personnel change. The writers are C. Lark, J. Tyree, and W. Bell.

In 1978 a final 45 was issued, again the group keeps up with the times as the record has a comtemporary polished soul/dance sound. The writer credits include Edwards (presumably Early), Larl, Alexander, McWorthers, and Miller.

The band continued to be active and play out during all these years, and was still 'together' into the 2000s, playing for their families and friends.

This Wonderful Girl Of Mine / My One And Only - 3M 100/Port 70020, 1961
The Big Swim / Muzik Megaton = Greenstar 1, 1961
Back To School Again / Pig Knuckles - Motown 1047, 1963
Get Away / Union Depot - ClearHill no #, Feb 1972
Love, Trust and Understanding / Pressure - Pork 111278, Nov 1978