the Mixed Emotions

Cleveland, 1966-7

Another popular Cleveland group that featured a cross between the greaser and British sounds. Among the members of the group was Ben Orzechowski (aka Elevenletters aka Ben Orr), post Grasshoppers, on guitar. The other members were Jimmy Vince (vocals), Chris Kamburoff (guitar), Johnny Joe Gardina (bass), Joey Kurilec (drums). Vince had previously fronted the Proof Sets. The band finished in the top five of a summer 1966 city wide band contest sponsored by the Cleveland Press and as a top five finisher played with the other 4 bands at the August 24 '66 "Spirit of '66 Fun and Fashion Festival", opening for Paul Revere and the Raiders.

The Mixed Emotions left behind two songs on a Cleveland Recording acetate. "You Wanta Man" is an undiscovered garage band classic, similar to the Baskerville Hounds with an Animals styled R&B edge. After the Mixed Emotions Orzechowski joined the Colours and of course played bass in the Cars.