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the Mayflower Proposition

Columbus, 1966-8

The Mayflower Proposition were a popular band in Columbus for a couple years. Band member Jim Brady provides these details - "The Mayflower Proposition came together in 1966. Norm Wolford (guitar), Dave Yinger (drums), and Jim Brady (bass) was with John Krieg in the ‘King John’s Purple Plums’ in early 1966. That band broke-up after just 2 gigs and Norm, Dave, and Jim met Jeff (lead guitar) and Cliff "Roukue" Whitlock (lead singer). Later Roger Daughtery (keyboard) was recruited from a park concert in Westerville, Ohio. The Mayflower Proposition played at the Northland, Whetstone, and Valley Dale ‘Battle of the Bands’, Ohio State Fair, Ohio State campus parties, Jerry Rasor’s ‘Dance-O-Rama’ NBC4, Central Ohio high schools, and all over Ohio in 1967. The Mayflower opened for the Rebounds a few times and played songs by Jimmy Hendrix, The Doors, Cream, Vanilla Fudge, and the Beatles, to name a few."

Jim Brady left the band in latr 1967 and was replaced by Bob Bishop. Later, Mike Patterson replaced Dave Yinger on drums. Later in 1968, the band split, with Jeff and Cliff joining members of the Ebb Tides to form Tree. The band never made any recordings.

Mike Patterson, Dave Yinger, and Roger Daughtery played in several other bands as well.

Thanks for Jim Brady