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the Maxx Band / Maxx

Cleveland, 1974-8, 1980s


May 1977 story

Maxx, later the Maxx Band, were a pretty popular Cleveland club band from 1976-8.

The band started in 1974 as Maxx, and featured a woman lead singer, Peggy 'Fritz' Baldassaire. The band members were Gary Kosec (guitar), John Cebuly (guitar), Bob "Hoss" Ostrunic (bass), and Kevin Kosec (drums). The members were from Euclid, and were all 22 years old and under in 1974. Joe Dominic was their manager.

Maxx, in the original lineup, lasted for a year or so and went on a brief hiatus. Ostronic was listed in the Scene playing with a different band in June of 1975. The band restarted in 1976 with Mike Graziano as the lead singer. replacing Peggy, and they became The Maxx Band.

They got a regular gig at the Agora (changing between Fridays and Saturdays), a big deal for any local band. The also played the Roundtable, the Looking Glass, the Joker, the Phantasy, and the Painesville Agora.

The band recorded their one and only 45 in May 1977. The 45 had two originals that are good representatives of the band's sound. There's a definite Aerosmith influence with some power pop moves. The 45 was recorded at Owl and was self-released and promoted. The band played both sides of the 45 along with several other original songs in their shows.


Maxx Band with George Yunis

In September 1977, George Yunis replaced Mike Graziano as lead singer. He was listed as 19 years old in the Scene, and had been in Oz.

The band lasted until April 1978, when the band split. Gary Kosec and George Yunis added other members and became Souvenir. The Maxx Band continued with new member for a few more months, at least one weekend at the Agora the Maxx Band and Souvenir were playing back to back nights. An ad in the Scene mentions Danny Powers as a member. Kevin Kosec had left in early 1978 and was replaced by Tommy Rich.

The band was reunited (personnel unknown) in 1984 and played off and on through 1986.

Kevin Kosec adopted the stage name Kevin Valentine and was the drummer for Breathless. Tommy Rich was the drummer for American Noise (747).

Too Much Lovin' / Whiplash - Maxx Waxx no # (QCA master 7051-55)