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Maureen McGovern

Youngstown, 1967-present

When your first 45 reaches #1, is the theme song for a near iconic movie, and previously won an Oscar for best song, follow up is tough. Maureen McGovern, with her roots in the hard working Youngstown suburb of Boardman, was up to the challenge and has continued her career with a few more hits, A couple stints in musicals on (and off) Broadway, and several different performances with symphonies across the US.

During high school, Maureen performed at school assemblies and local coffesshouses. She was never a member of any local rock bands, though. After she graduated in 1967, she continued to perform locally. Eventually she was heard by Russ Regan from 20th Century Records, apparently through a demo. The song "The Morning After" has already been in the movie "the Poseidon Adventure" and sung by someone else (the recording that won an Oscar), but had not been released on a record. Regan tracked down McGovern, and through her hired on manager, Carl Maduri, paid for a recording at Agency Recording. The record was a huge hit, making to #1 on Billboard and staying there for two weeks, giving Maureen the honor of one of the top 10, or 5, biggest recordings by an Ohio artist. After the record was released, Maduri and McGovern put together a band that included a lot of local musicians. 

During  the 1970s she recorded several LPs and 45s that reached the Adult Contemporary charts, with 1979 she scored another big pop hit with "Different Worlds". 

Since most of her career is well covered elsewhere, more info can be found outside of this website.