Marlene and the Debanettes

Cleveland, 1965-6

A girl group in the style of the Motown girl groups, Marlene and the Debanettes were Cleveland teenagers.

They were connected with the Monclairs and can be heard on their recording "Wait For Me"

They recorded a few songs at Cleveland Recording, produced by Carl Maduri and released on his Sunburst label, the Monclairs were probably backing them up. Their 1st 45 was "Bad Love" and "Play Something Slow". This record didn't really catch on. Sunburst issued another 45 with "Earthquake", a very fast stomper, backed by the same recording of "Bad Love". "Earthquake" got some airplay and a spot on the Big Five show in the summer of 1965.

The group seems to have disbanded after that.

Bad Love  / Play Something Slow - Sunburst 111, 1965
Earthquake / Bad Love - Sunburst 114. 1965