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Marion Black

Columbus, 1969-76

Many performers have had more noteriety years after they thought their career was done and forgotten. For Marion Black of Columbus, his ticker into immortality was a B side of a minor hit record, the first song he wrote and presented to Bill Moss at Capsoul records. The song was "Who Knows", the flip of the song "Go On Fool" which go to the top 40 of the Billboard R&B chart in 1971. After the record broke, Avco had picked it up for national release.

Starting in 2002 and sampled by Columbus artist RJD2, and use in TV shows and commercials, the gospely/bluesy song has struck a nerve and stays in the listening rotation all over the world.

As for Marion, he spent several years peforming on and off the east coast chitlin circuit in support of "Go On Fool". He cut ties with Capsoul after the first 45 because he felt he wasn't getting paid for the sales. He went over to the Harmonic Sounds operation and made three more 45s in a similar deep style. "Listen Black Brother" was the most successful of these but it was not enough to sustain a career, so he stayed in Columbus and cut another record in 1974, "Off the Critcal List". He released this hinself as a Starr custom, and it was picked up for distribution on the Shakat label, distributed by Chess. He had one more 45 on Rome.

After that, he retired from active performing until the great rediscovery of the 2000s.

Go On Fool / Who Knows - Capsoul 20, R-27137/8
Go On Fool / Who Knows - Avco 4559
I'm Gonna Get Loaded / You're Not Alone - Prix 7102
Listen Black Brother  / Listen Black Brother Pt. 2 - Prix 7202, Feb '72
More Love (is All We Need) / More Love (Is All We Need) (instrumental) - Prix 7302, May 1973
Off The Critcal List (Part I)  / Off The Critical List (Part II) - Starr 1046, Sept 1973
Off The Critcal List (Part I)  / Off The Critical List (Part II) - Shakat 705
He Kept It For Himself / You Don't Want Me - Rome 7146