Magnificent Seven

Dayton, late 1960s-early 1970s

This band from Dayton included Phil Mehaffey (leader, B3 organist), Bill Witherspoon (horns), Ron Witherspoon (horns), Mike Flore (horns), Tom Gross (horns), Dan Schultz (bass), Vic Olekas (guitar), Ron Pauley (drums), Marvin Smith (vocals).

The band played a couple years at the Diamond Club in Dayton and toured the east coast in the 70s. After the band spilt up, Phil Mehaffey started the Cyberteknics recording studio in Dayton. Vic Olekas and Bill Witherspoon are deceased.

This band apparenly has no connection to other Magnificent Seven/7 bands that released 45s on the Dial, Eastern, Lemco, TMS labels.