the Rising Tides / Lovechain

New Philadelphia, 1967-69

The Rising Tides were formed by two New Philadelphia high school students and brothers, Joe Snyder (keyboards) and Chuck Snyder (bass). With Paul Shambarger on drums, Rick Breehl on lead guitar, and Bob McKenzie on drums, the Tides played teen dances in New Philadelphia and nearby Dover. The summer of '67 they played at a large Battle of the Bands at Meyers Lake (a popular teen hangout) that featured the Baskerville Hounds as headliners. In August of '67 Steve Heimberger replaced Rick Breehl, and in August of '68 Bob Airgood (who had been in two other NP bands, the Nutones and Knights of Mourning) replaced Steve. The addition of Airgood sparked a name change to the Lovechain (and Elmer Meese replaced Bob McKenzie). Ernie Malick of Akron Recording got a hold of the band and offered to do a 45, so the group recorded a Bob Airgood original, "Sadness In My Mind", and a song that was provided to them through Malick, or more likely Bill Palmer, called "Step Out Of Your Window You Can Fly". "Step...." was written by Don Thomas and Michael Millius who were unknown to the band, apparently based in New York. 500 copies were pressed on the Westwood imprint and sold locally. The remaining copies were supposedly given away with bags of potato chips!. The Lovechain played the legendary Mustang club in NP often, as well as the Lighthouse in Dover. For your cultural edification, Dover and NP border Ohio's famous Amish region. Paul Shambarger left the band at the end of '68 and was replaced by Dave Madison. The band continued until mid '69 and HS graduation. Several members continued to play in bands, especially Paul Shambarger, who took up blues guitar, adopted the stage name "Dr. Blues" and has played for many years with his wife Liz Pennock (on piano). Currently based in Florida, they play throughout the eastern US - check out