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the Losers

Cleveland, late 1968-late 1970s

The Losers were a long running lounge/club band that released a 45 and two LPs. What makes them stand out from similar bands is that they played, and recorded, some original songs. 

The band was started in 1968 by accordion turned keyboard player Frankie Albano and singer/bassist Ted Losito. The band added Lou Maye on guitar and Jerry Paluck on drums. The band's first recording was a 45 on their own Flag label. The record includes a couple original songs by Albano and is almost 'garage' in style. 

The Losers recorded an LP at Audio Recording that was intended to be a recreation of their live show, and titled the LP in fashion. The band is doing some classics from the 1969/70 charts like "Proud Mary", "Hair", etc.

In 1973 Albano left to start the band Celebration (which included Jackie Peterson as lead singer). He was replaced by Frank Samson (Samsa), a veteran of many Cleveland bands going back to the Wailers and the Sound of Three. The new lineup recorded an LP circa 1975 that included club favorites from that time, "the Hustle", "I Write The Songs".

The group disbanded in the late 1970s as Cleveland's economy and nightlife contracted.

A Hard Love To Find / Lost My Way - Flag 4169, 1969
LP - The Losers "Live ???"  - Cherry no #, 1970 (Audio Recording master numbers 1045/6)
LP- The Losers - no label 101, 1975