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the Livin' End

Dayton, 1966-70


L-R: Top - Ron Riddle, Doug Dehart, bottom- Ray Reade, Jim Frizell, Don Jones

The Livin' End were from the Belmont area of Dayton, home of many other bands. The original band included Doug Dehart (lead guiitar), Ron Riddle (drums), Ray Reade (bass), Jim Frizell (lead singer), and Doug Jones (sax). 

Doug Dehart fills us in - "We played at a lot of various High Schools functions, Festivals, private parties, County Fairs, not to many clubs due too our ages at the time. We did get hooked up with a promoter (Mr. Darnell) he actually did a lot Custom Bick shows in Dayton, Cinn, and Columbus at the memorial hall there!"

The band recorded a 45 of tough, raw R&B garage at Commercial Recordings in Dayton - "We actually had the idea for a 45 rpm for a Demo for a Promotion packet we used back then to get some gigs. Jim Frizell and myself wrote the (2) songs at Jim’s house back in the late 60’s"

 "I MUST mention (MOM) Mildred Riddle; Ron’s mother; we all love her and she made us all feel as if she was our mom too! Jim Frizell and myself wrote the (2) songs at Jim’s house back in the late 60’s. She and Mr. Dalton Riddle would us around (In their van) to the various events, shows, etc! Both have passed now, but they will never be forgotten!"


The second lineup of the band, with Jim Klinger in the middle, taken at Wright State University.

Doug - "We replaced Don Jones with Jim Klinger because of his Keyboard and vocal talents."

You're My Woman / Our Love Was Strong (No label no #) 1967 

Thanks to Doug Dehart