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Little Caesar amd the Empire

Cleveland, 1967-8


1967 ad, Bocky is wearing the white suit

Little Caesar and the Empire was Bocky's act from 1967 into 1968. He split with Ritchie and the Fortunes/Dick Whitington's Cats, and recruited another local band, the Intruders. The Intruders had backed Bocky before the Fortunes. The band included Ray Milaver (sax, vocals) who had been the lead singer in the Intruders. Robert (last name unknown) on drums, and Jim Finan, who had been in the Aposils, and not the Intruders, played keyboards, trumpet, and vocals. At least two other members were in the band.

They played the Orbit Lounge, the Plato, and the Americana, where they held a few multi-week residencies. A 1968 ad for the Americana mentions they were a 10 piece band.

The band adopted a look right from 1930s gangsters (sadly ironic considering Bocky's murder 20 years later), with 'double breasted suits and wide brim hats' according to a Plain Dealer mention.

They - well - Bocky - released one 45 in May 1967 not long after they started the act. Bocky sang a new vocal to a track previously recorded (with different vocals) by the Soul City, a group from the Philadephia area. The 45 was successful locally, but was not a national hit.

Bocky and Jim Finan were in Wazoo.

Everybody Dance Now / Everybody Dance Now (no artist listed, just 'Instrumental') - Parkway 152, May 1967

Thanks to Jim Finan