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Lemme B. Good / Limmie B. Good / Sugar Cakes / Limmie and Family Cookin' (Limmie Snell)

Canton, 1961 - 1986

Limmie Snell had an interesting career as a pop/soul artist who grew up in Canton, moved to the UK during the disco era and became a much bigger star (and is still remembered there) while sadly becoming a footnote in US music history. 

Most of the scant bios on Limmie have him born in 1945, but that seem to be incorrect. Based on a play developed by one of his daughters, he was 38 when he passed away in 1986. Also, his first 45, released very early in 1961, has him as 11 years old. Believing a record company bio is probably a bad idea, but we would assume his daughter might be more reliable than internet sources - where did they get that date? 

Limmie Snell was his real name, and he got a record deal with Columbia (probably through the Glasser brothers) where he made his 1st 45 as Limmie B. Good, still sounding like a kid, seemingly influenced by Frankie Lymon. 

There was a few years gap before he made three 45s for Mercury as Lemme B. Good. We don't know much about the details on this, other than there were other NE Ohio artists on Mercury and that there may be connections. His recording of "Good Lovin'" predates the Young Rascals massive hit version by a few months. 

Limmie and his sisters started a group called the Sugar Cakes

In the early 1970s he reappeared as a recording artist for Avco records (known mainly for the Stylistics, although they did release a Baskerville Hounds 45). Three Snell siblings, Limmie and his sisters Jimmie Thomas and Martha Stewart were known as Limmie and Family Cookin' and had a minor hit record with the song "You Can Do Magic" which established their sound as slick pop/soul. A follow up didn't do much but their third 45 for Avco, a remake of the 1963 hit by the Essex "A Walkin' Miracle" was a hit in the UK and paved the way for the group to relocate to the UK. When they got there, Limmie and management assembled a self contained band that was geared toward the disco sound. The sisters returned to the US but Limmie spent much of the rest of his life performing in the UK, where he was considered a pretty significant artist of the disco era. 

Limmie passed away in 1986, having returned to the US not long before. 

Several on-line sources mention that Limmie had 45s on Warner Brothers (in the early or late 1960s) and on Scepter (late 1960s/early 1970s), however, we don't have any confirmation that these records exist - at least none that are under the artist name of Limmie/Lemmie/Lemme/Limme or Family Cookin'. They may be under a unique artist name.


Dancing Angel / I'm Gonna Kiss My Girl Tonight - Columbia 41939 - Jan '61
Hard Times / You're A Breaker Of Hearts - Mercury 72361 
Good Lovin' / We Can't Finish What We Started - Mercury 72418 - April '65
I Can't Stop Myself / Mother May I - Mercury 72470 
You Can Do Magic /  Spider - Avco 4602 - Nov '72
Made In Heaven / Heartbreak Kid - Avco 4621 - Oct' 73
A Walkin' Miracle / Here's Tomorrow - Avco 4637 - April '74
Saxophone Jones / I'll Be Your Song - Avco 4641 - 1974

Later UK releases are not included at this time