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Lester Sykes / Lee Sykes

Cleveland, early 1960s -

Lester Sykes, or Lee Sykes, played drums in Cleveland club bands forr decades. He was the namesake and leader for most if not all the bands he was in. In the 1960s he led the Lester Sykes Trio, and in the early 70s, Lee Sykes and Company.

He played with Eddie Bacchus, a blind organist, throughout the 1960s and 70s. They played as a duo, and would add a guitarist (in 1965, the guitarist was Mickey Jones) to make a trio.

In 1964 (released in 1967) they recorded his only record release. It's a raw recording of an R&B/proto funk instrumental song named "Lock-Jaw" extended across the two 45 sides. The band is listed as Lee Sykes and the Highlanders, Highlander being the name of a club they played. The three players are Sykes, Baccus, and a unknown guitarist, likely Jones.

Lock-Jaw (Part 1) / Lock-Jaw (Part 2) - The Lemon Drop no #, 1967