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Left Drawer

Columbus, 1967-9

The Left Drawer were a band of 14-15 year olds from Columbus. The band included Don Day ( the younger brother of Rebounds drummer Dave Day) on lead guitar and vocals, Doug Slyman on keyboards, guitar, and vocals, Pat Lyle on drums, and Steve Ryan on bass.

The band recorded their signature song, a long slowed down arrangement of the Zombies'  "She's Not There" at Musicol. Eight takes of the of the song are on the master tape. The recording was never released. The band performed a mime version to the recording for a TV show at Ohio State Fair in 1968. The tape was probably recorded for the TV show appearance.

A live recording of the band exists, recorded at Cooke rec center in 1968. The quality of the recording is pretty good, although the vocals are hard to hear. The songs include "Plastic Fantastic Lover", "Sunshine Of Your Love", "Foxy Lady", "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band", "A Little Help From My Friends", "Somebody To Love", "Purple Haze".

Discography (tape only)

She's Not There (8 takes), recorded Aug 20, 1968