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Junior McCants

Cincinnati,  1966-7

Junior McCants was discovered, so the legend says, by Charles Spurling. Taken by his unique voice which was naturally high pitched, approaching a falsetto, Spurling wrote the song "The Boy Needs A Girl" for Junior. The song was recorded at King and released to be local hit and it got enough action to have King make a follow up.

What happened regarding Junior's follow up was both tragic, and super mythical in the world of record collecting. Spurling wrote the two songs "Try Me For Your New Love" and "She Wrote It - I Read It" and the record was done at King. Promo copies were pressed and sent out to regional stations. In the few weeks between recording and pressing,  he had a reoccurence of cancer, which he had been fighting for a good part of his life, and he passed away not long after. King stopped production on the record. Since that time only about 4 or copies have been found, all promos (apparently never commercial stock copies were never made). Because of the rarity, the record is a serious fetish item for "Northern Soul" culture and has sold for ridiculous amounts.

Over the years members of Junior's family have come forward to recognize his brief but fascinating career.

The Boy Needs A Girl / Help My Love - King 6076, Jan. 1967
Try Me For Your New Love / She Wrote It - I Read It - King 6106, May 1967