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Joe Caldwell / the Majestics

Dayton, 1950s-early 1960s


January, 1957 ad, the Bel-Air Bar in Dayton

Joe Caldwell was, likely, a member of the Majestics, a Dayton vocal group. The Majestics were led (according to a newspaper story) by Felix Lark. In 1961 they recorded a 45 with Joe taking the lead on "How Long Will It Last". Felix is the lead on the flip side "Make Up Your Mind". The co-writer on the records is Candela. There was a man named Anthony Candela who owned a bowling alley, no idea if there is any connection.

Prior to the Majestics, Joe recorded a couple 45s. The first record on Esta has Joe's voice backed with a vocal group, supposedly the Four Pharoahs. The songs were written by Joe and Ray Deerwster. Ray was a pianist and music teacher who was described as "Dayton's dean of music teachers". Ray is probably playing piano on the songs, at least the ballad "Rolling Tears". Considering that Ray was about 60 years old at the time, the record is pretty swingin'!

Joe's second 45 was a reissue of "Rowdy Mae" and the ballad "Guess I'm The Lonely One". This was a one-off King custom press.

It's likely that Joe was the same person who was a minister in Dayton during the 1970s-1990s.

Rolling Tears / Rowdy Mae - Esta 100/1000, 1959
Guess I'm The Lonely One / Rowdy Mae Is Back In Town Again - M.C. 1, 1959
How Long Will It Last / Make Up Your Mind - BiM 1, 1960/1