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Jimmy Bell and the Kool Klux Band

Cleveland, mid 1970s - 

Jimmie Bell seems to have been fairly active in Cleveland, although he is another performer about which we have little hard facts.  It's not clear who the Kool Klux band was either.

Jimmy recorded one 45 in 1975, a hard hitting raw funk message song, " What Ya Doing Brother". The arranger credits Bell and Pascol. Not sure if Pascol is a band member. Based from the sound, the record seems to have been recorded at Boddie, it was pressed there for sure. 

In 1988 Jimmy released another 45, a more subdued gospel sound. The record, also on the custom Tere-Z-Ta label, has a University Heights address, which was Jimmy's home. This record credits Cleveland soul veteran John Brinson with the arrangement on one side. No mention of the Kool Klux band on this record.

More info needed? Of course!

What Ya Doing Brother / Love Me In The Morning - Tere-Z-Ta 7533, 1975
Thank You Lord / Everything's Gonna Be Alright" - Tere-Z-Ta no #, 1988