Jerry Clayton

Cleveland, 1960-68

The real identity of Jerry Clayton is a bit of a mystery, so we'll present the case and see how this plays out. In 1960, a 45 was released by Jerry Clayton on the vanity or song-poem label Up Town Rhythm from Arcadia, CA. The songwriter was Ivan Glenn Washabaugh, who lived in Bedford, a suburb of Cleveland. Mr, Washabaugh seems to have gone by the name of Glenn. The record is a pretty straightforward Buddy Holly styled rock and roll song of the time. 

Sometime arounf 1964, there was another Jerry Clayton 45 with songs by Ivan Glenn Washabaugh, released on the one shot Big I label with a Bedford PO box. It's pretty obvious who the Big I was. The songs were in the 'hot rod' style of fratty surf rock that would have peaked around 1964.

Around 1968, the third and seemingly final Jerry Clayton 45 came out, again with songs by Ivan Washabaugh. The label for this record was K-Ark, a Nashville operation that worked on a pay to play system, charging a fee to release recordings and promising promotion and a supply of records.

So, the main question is Jerry Clayton and Ivan Glenn Washabaugh the same person? Based on government records Washabaugh would have been in his late 20s-early 30s when he made the records. A little old by standards of contemporary music at the time. All other evidence points to them being the same. If not the same, Clayton was certainly from the same city and all 6 of the recordings were done in Cleveland. The second 45 has the sound of rock band but the sound is not very tight, like they assembled quickly for a recording.

Some attempts were made to contact Washabaugh or his family but nothing definite was revealed.


Date Bait / Love Me Or Lose Me - Up Town Rhythm 301 - c. 11/60
The Metal Monster / Santa Claus - Big I 301/2 c. 11/64?
Gonna Get My Hair Cut / Not An Ounce Of Truth - K-Ark 860 - 1968