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Cincinnati, 1969-71

The name Jellyroll was for a band, and a person, Roger "Jellyroll" Troy who was the lead singer and bass player. Roger was already well known in music, having played in bands since 1959, including the Royal Jesters and several other uncomfirmed groups. He teamed up with former members of the Dapps who had recently been let go from the James Brown organization. The rest of Jellyroll included Ed Sester (guitar), Tim Heding (keyboards),  Les Asch (saxes), Dave Parkinson (Sax) - all former Dapps - with Stu Perry (drums) and Bob Thorne (trumpet). 

In 1970 the band recorded a LP for Kapp records, while out in California. The LP was produced by Richard Polodor who was a big name, behind numerous hits by Three Dog Night.  

The band didn't seem to have lasted long, as Roger was already working on other projects, which ended up with him moving to San Francisco around 1973 and joining a reunited Electric Flag. Roger's vocals and bass appear on the last EF LP "The Band Kept Playing". This version of EF was short lived, but after they disbanded, Mike Bloomfield retained Roger for his own band.  He also wrote songs for other artists. He returned to Cincinnati in the late 1970s and worked with some other bands, but the details are not really clear.

LP - Jellyroll  - S/T  - Kapp 3626, 1970
Strange / Help Me Over - Kapp 2107
Trying To Forget Someone Too / Help Me Over - Kapp 2125