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Jeff Smith (and Universe)

Columbus, 1976-7

Jeff Smith was one of the key figures in Columbus soul, going back into the 1960s when Musicol asked him to lead their Colsoul operation, where he wrote and produced the lone Colsoul 45 by the Chandlers. He joined the Capsoul team and wrote and produced many of the label's recordings.

After Capsoul closed up, he started another production operation called Incentive Productions and partnered with the Owl studio. There were two 45s on the Incentive label, one by the Associated Press and one by Smith himself, who was a pretty good singer even though his personal recording output was only limted to the one 45. Other people mentioned on the label were Lynn Gwynn and Bill Watson. Both sides are nice smooth comtempory soul. 

Jeff continued to perform locally, the editor saw a sign in Columbus for him performing in the late 1990s.

The Hidden Secret  / Back Home Again - Incentive 401, August 1977