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Jeanette Williams

Columbus, 1960s - 

Jeanette Williams has spent most of her life in the jazz side of Columbus music. Like most teenagers of her generation, she was caught up in the spirit of soul music and recorded a series of 45s, a couple of them becoming local and regional hits and making the national charts.

She started off singing along with Columbus' R&B/jazz luminaries Hank Marr and Rusty Bryant. She recorded her first 45 for Tommy Wills' Terry 45, in Richmond, IN. This record has more of the jazzy R&B sound that was in her once and future style. She then recorded several 45s in Detroit mixing ballads with hard hitting soul. These songs were released on the Back Beat label from Texas, which had a representative in Detroit - as any soul/R&B label should. 

A few of the songs were near breakout hits but not quite the career making smash. Jeanette returned to her jazz roots and has continued to perform to the present.