Hank Marr

Columbus,  1950s-2004

Hank Marr had started out as a jazz pianist in the bebop jazz scene, but became an early adopter of the Hammond B3 organ wher he played jazz with R&B and cotemporary influences. During the 1950s, Hank played with fellow Columbus legend Rusty Bryant where he released a few LPs and 45s on King as a bandleader.

Hank recorded a couple 45s in Detroit in the style of Motor City soul during the 1960s.He had his biggest hit with "Greasy Spoon" on King in 1969.  After that he was pretty quiet as a recording artist but continued to play locally and regionally.

In the 1990s Hank returned to active recording, releasing a few LPs on the Double-Time label. He passed away on 2004.