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Glen Cooper and the Jets

Mansfield, 1956-7

A couple of the earliest rockabilly 45s from Ohio were recorded by singer Glen Cooper and his band, the Jets. There is not a lot we know about Glen as he died young, in 1972. He was about 25 when he recorded the 45s. According to his obituary, he was born in Portsmouth, a veteran of the Korean War, and settled in Mansfield after the war.

The records were released on the Mecca label, and all but one of the songs was written by Ella C. Rutherford. There's even less info about her than about Glen. There were two songs not on these records in the 1957 music copyrights. The only match we found was someone with that name in Massilon, about the same time as the records, but no mentiom of songwriting or record labels.

Any more info is welcome!

Sugar Mama (Daddy) / They Say - Mecca no # (RCA masters GO8W-1112/3) 1956
Just Rockin' / These Blues Are Driving Me Mad - Mecca no # (RCA masters H8OW-0330/1) 1957