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George Wydell

Youngstown,  1965-6

George Wydell Jones had been the lead singer for the Edsels. In 1965, after the Edsels disbanded, he started on a short, at least recording wise, career as a solo singer. Since there was already the country George Jones, he went by the name of George Wydell. 

He was signed to the Tangerine label, a R&B operation  started by Ray Charles. Tangerine's roster included many artists from the 50s R&B and doowop era whose career needed a restart, so George fit right in. He was flown to NYC to record 4 songs in 1965 that were released on two 45s. George wrote all 4 songs.

The two 45s are well produced with a lot of early R&B influence. On the second 45, Mike Apokoff and band are credited as well.

This was the last major label recordings for George, as he went back to performing locally. In the 1970s it was reported that he was in a group called the New Affair who recorded "Rama Lama Ding Dong" on Peppermint, but there is no confirmed info.

George Wydell Jones passed away in 2008

Funny Feeling / Do The Walk - Tangerine 953, 1965
I'm Gonna Cut You Loose / From Out Of Nowhere - Tangerine 964, 1966