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Fonda St. Paul

North Canton, early to mid 1960s

Fonda St. Paul was 16 years old when she recorded her only record for B-W. She was a teenager from North Canton, her family name was Cheviron. She got her performing name from a local church! 

The 45 was an uptempo rocker "Wishing Well", an original credited to Andy Sommers. The record was issued with a picture sleeve. Being a B-W artist she was packaged with other B-W recording artists on country shows, although she was not really a country performer. 

In 1966 she was playing drums and singing lead in the Ed Teener Trio, a lounge band that played in the Akron/Canton area for awhile. They were the house band at the Golliwog Lounge.

Fonda's recording career was done, but she has had an interesting life, and still has her personal website running. During the time she was singing, she was also acting in local theatre productions, which led to her later career as a talent manager. A 1971 article mentions she was living in New York and was part of the acting scene there, supposedly landing a bit part in "The Godfather". 

She married actor Jay Acovone in 1982 (divorced some years later) and eventually moved to the west coast. Her current vocation is writing, having authored three novels.

Wishing Well / Baby Blue - BW 622, 1963