Akron, 1959 - 61


Pictured are the autographs of the Fascinations on the back of a Caps fan club card.

The Fascinations were a teen vocal group of students from Buchtel HS in Akron. The  principal lead singer was Jordan Zankoff, with the other members Gene Blackford, Darrel McDonald, and Phill DiMascio. 

The group perfomed around the NE Ohio area, including an appearance on the Cleveland TV show "One O'Clock Club". They often performed with the Caps, who would back them up.

In 1960, the group recorded their only 45 for the small Philadelphia record company Sure records. This was the only 45 for the Akron group. In 1961, Jordan moved to NYC and formed a new Fascinations with other NYC area singers. They were now called Jordan and the Fascinations. Jordan changed his name to Jordan Christopher and after the Fascinations, formed a NYC discotecque group called the Wild Ones. 


It's Midnight / Doom Bada Doom - Sure 106