Enchanted Five

Columbus,  early 1960s-1972

This R&B/soul vocal group, from Columbus' Linden neighborhood, started out in the early soul times. They performed regionally for several years before recording a couple records in NYC, and getting released on a small NYC based label, CVS records. The first 45  "Have You Ever" got some airplay and sold a fair number of copies.  The group members were Earl Riley (or Railey), Ray Riley, Jimmy Radford, Alvin Freeman, and Donnie Scales. The group had their own backing band when they performed around the area and in many of the midwest "Chitlin circuit" clubs.

After the group's demise, Jimmy Radford and Earl Riley joined the Ultimates.

Have You Ever (That's What It Means) / Try A Little Love  - CVS 1001/2, 1969
You Love Comes Slower Than Never / Darling, I Need You Now - CVS 1003, 1970

Thanks to David Meyers