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Em-Tees / Empty

Central Ohio / Columbus, 1967

This band was apparently named the Empty, but on their lone 45, they are listed as the Em-Tees. The band recorded at Chad Baugess' B & 4 home studio, and typically for records on this label, the credits list the singer's name instead of the band/artist. So, the A side of the record is a country ballad called "Belle, the Belle of the Ball" and the singer is Roger Saunders. The songwriter's name is W. Opal  Chamberlin. On the B-side there is a raw, tough garage song "Little Girl" where the singer is Cris Stevenson (spelling as listed on the record). Other names are Steve Lewis and Ernie Susser. Some paperwork found at the studio listed the band as the Empty, which sounds more like a real band name. Confusing? Welcome to the world of true "D.I.Y." recording, Ohio-style!

The band's true identity is still not yet known.....


Belle, the Belle of the Ball / Little Girl - B & 4 no #, RCA pressing number 817B-3384

Thanks to Andy Robertson, Matt Baker