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Edwin Starr

Cleveland,  late 1950s-2000s

One of Motown records' finestt singers, Edwin Starr had run of 45s that will define soul for as long as humans can hear. Edwin is often left off mentions of Ohio artists as his association with Detroit and Motown, and later on England, where he lived for the majority of his life. Edwin got his start as a Clevelander, and he is vital member of Ohio's music history. So, we will focus on the early years.

Edwin was born Charles Hatcher in Nashville, but as young child his family, including cousins Roger and Willie, who were fine singers on their own, moved to Cleveland around the end of World War II. He attended East Tech high school and it was while there that he started with the Futuretones - who have their own entry on this site. Around 1960 he joined the service and spent a couple years there. Upon returning home, he joined Bill Doggett's touring band. It was during that run that he adopted the name Edwin Starr. During the time with Doggett, he realized that he would be better off restarting his career in Detroit. During the 1960s  maintained many ties to Cleveland, including using local musicians such as Gus Hawkins in his touring band.