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Ebony Expressions / Mighty Generation

Youngstown,  1970s

This Youngstown band was very popular and played all over the area, including opening up for Parliament/Funkadelic and Major Harris.

Some of the members were Willie Peterson (Trombone), Skip Martin (lead singer), and Clarence Ross (singer)

Marvin Redding, who had been in the Odds Against Tomorrow, helped the group by writing songs. They recorded their first 45 at Owl in Columbus, with the ballad "Farewell My Love" and the uptempo flip "Mighty Generation".  

Not long after the first 45, the group changed their name to the Mighty Generation...yes, same as their record. They recorded a second 45 at Marjon, but unlike most Marjon recordings, they used their own label. Marvin Redding again wrote both songs, a ballad on the A side, and an a danceable party song on the flip. The 45 seemed to sell a decent amount of copies. 

We don't really know much else about the group.

Farewell My Love / Mighty Generation  - Owl 791, Oct 1976
For All The Beautiful Things You Do / The M.G. Beat - B.E.R 1001, 1978