the Denmarcs / Denmarks

Cleveland, 1964-6


Above - Teen folk/rock band gets an 1950s R&B styled billing on this super rare sleeve for the band's 45 on Whirl.

Besides what is described on the sleeve, we don't know much about this garage/folk-rock band. They released two 45s on Clevetown and Whirl, with an additional apparently unreleased acetate, all with a solid folk feel. A couple of the band's songs were written by Cleveland doowop legend Sammy Griggs (Coronets).

Besides writing songs, Griggs was also either the manager or the mentor of the band. A bit of a departure from his old sound. The group's name is spelled both Denmarcs and Denmarks.

John Aleksic was the first bassist in the Raspberries prior to Dave Smalley.


As A Friend / Jilted - Whirl No # (one sided title sleeve), RCA masters S4KM-7436/7 - 1965
Sweet Dreams / Pretty Lies - Clevetown  260 - 1966
As A Friend / Don't Let It Rain - Cleveland Recording Company acetate - 1966
(different recordings of "As A Friend")