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Del Saint / Del Sinchak

Youngstown,  1957-62

Del Sinchak started out playing the polka music that his family brought with them from the 'old country' of Slovakia. He recorded a few 45s for the Chicago based Balkan label. When rock and roll took over the teen music scene, he put aside the polkas and reorganized the band to play  the new sounds. Del Sinchak became 'Del Saint' and the band became the Devils. Del took to wearin a turban, around the same time that stroll king Chuck Willis was sporting one.

The band included Del on vocals and piano,  Sandy Jackintell on guitar, George Karas on bass, Ed Ryczaj on sax, and Bob Smercansky on drums. The band was one of the first rock-n-roll bands in the Mahoning Valley, and got a lot of gigs. The band was recruited by Jim Maderitz to back up the Edsels on a recording session at Schneider Recording in Cleveland. The recording included the future classic hit "Rama Lama Ding Dong" and 3 more songs. The request for 'more cowbell' at the session was answered by Del.

Maderitz suggested the band record some songs on their own so they went back to Schneider and recorded the vocal "Rock Yea" and the instrumental "Tangy". Maderitz got the songs to Chess who released them on Checker (co-published by his publishing company, Jimbo, and Arc). The record was popular in the NE Ohio area

A couple years later the band made their second and last 45, recorded at Audio Recording in Cleveland. The songs were two instrumentals, the fun jungle themed "Tarzan" and the standard "St. Louis Blues". This was released on Whirl, a label used for Audio Recording productions. The group is listed as the Del Saints. 

A year or so later, the changing musical scene had Del and the band returning to polka and nationality music and the band is still active today, with Del as the senior member of Mahoning Valley music. Bob Smercansky has continued to be the drummer. Ed Rycjaz moved away in 1990. Sandy Jackintell is deceased.


Rock Yea / Tangy - Checker 897, 1958
Tarzan / St. Louis Blues - Whirl  No # (RCA masters LO8W-0993/4), 1960
Coquette /The Puppet Twist - WAM 1320, c. 1962