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Dave Charles

Lorain,  1966-7

Dave Charles was from Lorain. Donnie Barden, who had recorded a couple 45s by Mickey and the Clean Cuts, brought Dave and the band together, and recorded a 45 at Cleveland Recording with two of Dave's songs. The A side, the driving soul blaster "Ain't Gonna Cry No More" channels a bit of the Outsiders, it's claimed that some of the Cleveland Recording Company session horn players, Mike Geraci and Evan Vanguard, played the horn parts, as the band didn't have horns. At the same session, Barden also used Mickey and band to back up Tillie Wow on her 45,

Beyond this, we know little about Dave Charles. No one has found any more recordings by him, which is too bad, but at least he made the most of it.

Ain't Gonna Cry No More / My Love  - Donnie 702, 1966