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the Cutaways

Bellaire, 1963-6

The Cutaways started prior to the British Invasion and were very popular in the Wheeling area (Bellaire is a town south of Wheeling). The group recorded two 45s as the Cutaways and a 45 backing up the Big C (Chuck Kalill). The band included Larry Gorshe  (guitar), Chuck Soltes, Walter McElroy, and John Jurovcik. 

The first 45 was mastered at Audio Recording in Cleveland and pressed by Pama, one of the infamous (to us hard core Ohio collectors) numbered Pama custom presses.

The Cutaways 2nd record was done on the Nashville based Sur-Speed label. The band was brought there by Kalill, who had already recorded a 45 with his own band. While cutting their own record, Larry Gorshe contributed a couple more songs for Kalill to record. The 45 of "Hold Me" includes two great British Invasion style originals. The band recorded a 45 for the Wheeling based Agogo label in Pittsburgh.

You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind / Now That You're Gone (Agogo no #) late 1964
Hold Me / I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Sur-Speed 205), mid 1965