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the Contels

Erie, PA, 1958 - early 1960s, 2003 - 

The Contels got a record deal with Warwick as a prize for winning a talent show. The group was from Erie, PA and included 4 singers and a guitarist. The members were Gene Lyon/Vito (lead), George Nopio, Loren "Bugsy" Cope, Tony Mezzacapo. and Michael D'Amico on guitar. Donald Hubert was their manager.

According to the group's current booking agent website, Marty Conn Entertainment, the group, without Tony, won a Cleveland talent show. They added Tony. competed in another Cleveland talent contest, and won again, with the record deal prize. The group was originally named the Contenials but changed to Contels because of another Contenials group in Florida.

The original group broke up a few years later, but in 2003 George Nopio restarted the group, which is still active, with some new members replacing the original five.

Hey You / Lovers Dream - Warwick 103/4, 1959