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the Colours

Cleveland, 1967

The Colours were one of the bands that had Ben "Eleven Letters" Orzechowski as a member.

They were a four member band that included Ben (on guitar), RIck Caon (guitar), Rob Ruzga (bass), and Wayne Weston (drums). All the members were seasoned players, with Caon and Weston having played in the last Grasshoppers lineup (and before that, the Castles), and Ruzga from Kicks, Inc. Ben had most recently been in the Mixed Emotions. 

The band was pretty popular for a few months during 1967, playing mostlly west side clubs. 

The group disbanded in late 1967. The Colours were the last working band for Ben before he was drafted.. Rick Caon joined the Looking Glass, and later, the Choir. Wayne Weston joined Renaissance Faire. Rob Ruzga played with Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes for awhile.

There is an Cleveland Recording acetate creited to the Colors. The songs are not IDed but they are originals and sound like a 1966/7 garage band. It is not confirmed if they are the same bands.

Rick Caon passed away in 1982. Rob Ruzga is also deceased.

? / ? - Cleveland Recording 7" acetate