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Cincinnati Joe and Mad Lydia

Cincinnati, early 1970-2

Cincinnati Joe and Mad Lydia were a couple in music and life. According to a couple 1972 articles, Lydia's name was Lydia Wood. They opened their own club, Cincinnati Joe's Hideaway, in the Netherland Hilton Hotel.

They recorded 3 45s and an LP. the 45s are credited seperately to Joe and Lydia, while the LP is credited to both of them. The sound is influenced by SW Ohio funk, lounge, psych, with some personal idiosyncrasies that make their sound unique. The records are all on their own River Witch label.

We don't know how long they operated the club or worked togther, but it seems they both continued playing music into the 1980s and beyond, but no more records seem to have been released

Get It Together / Cincinnati Joe - River Witch no #, July 1970
Cincinnati Man / Madam Satan - River WItch no #, July 1970
LP - Cincinnati Joe and Mad Lydia - River Witch 001, 1971
Cincinnati Soul / Jesus Is Our Color Man - River Witch 002, Dec 1971