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Charles Spurling

Cincinnati, late 1950s-

Charles Spurling started out playing guitar and singing in a Cincinnati band called the Holidays, but never recorded.  He spent some time in Detroit before he started working at King in the mid 1960s. His first recording with King was by a singer he discovered, Juinor McCants, but after the the song "A Boy Needs A Girl"  got some action, he had enough clout with King to record his own records. Charles ended recording 5 45s for King, using the acclaimed King studio bands the Pacesetters (with the Bootsy and Catfish Collins) and the Dapps. He also did A&R and talent scouting for King.

Working at King records, it was inevitable that he would work with Hank Ballard and James Brown, King's biggest stars. Ballard and Spurling worked together on a song called "Unwind Yourself" which ended being a funky classic recorded by Marva Whitney, who Spurling discovered. Another Spurling song, "Ball of Fire" was recorded by Whitney and Connie Austin. However, the death of Syd Nathan in 1968 meant changes to King, and Charles ended up working for the James Brown organization, doing a similar job to his King experience.

After a few years with Brown, Charles left and started up his own record label, Bubbles. Bubbles released 2 45 by Charles and two 45s by Allen Matthews. All four records are very solid, with Charles distinct style of soul/funk coming through. His 45s credit backing by the Love Joys, a Cincinnati band that also backed him when he sang live. The 45s were recorded at King and relased in 1970/1.  

Charles stepped back from the music business and did not release any more records after that.

Mr. Cool / You'd Be Surprised (The Way I Love You) - King 6077, Jan. 1967
She Cried Just A Minute / Don't Let Him Hurt You Baby - King 6115, June 1967
Which One / That Woman - King 6142, Nov. 1967
That's My Zone (He's Pickin' On) / Let Me Be (A Steppin' Soul) - King 6195, Oct. 1968
Popcorn Charlie / Buddy Boy - King 6267, Oct. 1969
No Man Ever Touched Me / I'm Glad It's You - Bubbles 005/6, April 1971
My Request Mr. DJ / Meet Me There - Bubbles 007/8, June 1971