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Charles Simmons

Dayton/Middletown, 1968-9

Sometime around 2010 a moderate stash of 45s by Charles Simmons and the Ohio Majestics band turned up on the collectors market. Before this, the record was pretty obscure and unknown.

The record label mentions Simmons, Ron Looney, and Richard Ayres. There is a acetate from Dayton that also mentions Ron Looney, and Ayres appears to have been from Middletown. Simmons wrote the songs, the A side is an intense funk workout with a message, while the other side is a good conventional soul sound. This appears to have been the only 45 on the Hitsound label. Dayton's famous funksters Sun started out as the Ohio Majestics, so it's likely they are band on the record, but it's not known if Simmons was a member or this was just a one shot. Since Simmons is on the picture sleeve for the record, we will assume it was just a one shot.

Save The World  / You've Got It All - Hitsound 001, 1969 (picture sleeve)