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the Chapter / Fifth Chapter

Eaton / West Alexandria, 1967-8

The Chapter came from some small towns west of Dayton. The band was also known as the Fifth Chapter or the Chapter 5.

The group was signed to the UMAC management organization, and through them recorded some songs in Chicago that were never released. Later, they were managed by Andy Apperson and American Talent, and became popular in the mid-Ohio area. They did some additional recording that resulted in a 45 on the Night Owl label. The songs on the 45 were the Wilson Pickett song “Don’t Fight It” and “Love Is The Answer”, written by Chicago soul singer and songwriter Jan Bradley. Bradley was managed by Don Talty, Apperson’s business partner in Prism records a few years ago.

The band disbanded after a couple years, but some of the members were active in local bands later

Don’t Fight It / Love Is The Answer (Night Owl 2017) early 1968