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the Chandlers

Columbus, 1965-70

This four member soul vocal group were skilled in the old style of doowop singing. The group started out as students at Eastmoor HS. Kevin Brown and Eric Younger were two of the members.

In 1967 Jeff Smith was hired by Musicol to form a real label, which was called Col-Soul. Smith and the Chandlers worked on a couple of his songs and recorded them at Musicol, using musicians that backed the Chandlers at their live shows, and members of the Soul Rockers. The songs were the ballad "I Need Your Love" and the more uptempo "Your Love Makes Me Lonely". Both songs have a throwbacks sound to R&B groups like the Drifters, even to the point where "Your Love..." is reminiscent of the Drifters' smash "On Broadway". The record was a local hit and seems to have sold a few thousand copies. 

The Chandlers' 45, despite it's moderate success, was the only Col-Soul 45. Smith then formed a partnership with two other guys, called Tribro productions. In 1969 they brought the Chandlers back to Musicol and recorded two more songs, with "Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer" as a uptempo hit side. The sound on this record is much more comtemporary. Smith used another one-off label, Bleu Rose, to release the 45.

After than it appears the Chandlers lasted a little while longer before ending

I Need Your Love / Your Love Makes Me Lonely - Col-Soul 1152
Your Love Keeps Drawing Me Closer / I Loved You Girl - Bleu Rose 100 (two pressings, the Rite press is first, and the QCA press from July 1969 is second)