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the Carousels

Cleveland, 1957-1960


The Carousels were formed by teenagers from Cleveland's Cedar YMCA. The original lineup included 4 teenagers, Don Baker, Carl Turner, Ronald Johnson, and John Hill. Hill attended Glenville HS and the other three were from East Tech.

The group performed at many local functions and teen dances. In 1957 they finished second in a WHK sponsored 'city-wide' talent contest in which 44 groups participated (the Mello-Dee's were the winners). 

In late 1958 Don Baker left to try his luck in Los Angeles. He got a deal with the small Jay-Tone label and released one 45. His place in the group was taken by a young woman, whose name is not known, possibly Joyce Jenkins.

The group recorded one 45 in 1959 for the G.C. label. It has a nice uptempo side "Fading Away", with the flip side a recording of the Duke Ellington song "Solitude". "Fading Away" seems to be an original, based on the the use of the label's Jamigo publishing and credited to Joyce Jenkins, who is possibly the young woman singing.

The group disappeared from the papers after 1960. Lou Ragland's 1978 LP "The Conveyor" credits a singer, Joyce Jenkins. A story from the time mentions her as part of a trio of 'shapely young ladies'. It's certainly possible she is the same woman.

Fading Away / Solitude - G.C. 601, 1960