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Captain Foam (and the Doctor)

Canton, ealry 1970s

There was probably never anyone else like Captain Foam, or Captain Foam and the Doctor. The namesake was Richard Bertram, who in the mid 60s had been the wild, longhaired frontman for Lord Richie and the Mariners.

You know the hip band format of the aughties, two members - guitar and drums? Well, Richard may have started it, back around 1968. Richard and Ken O'Brien, former dummer with the Angry, got together and  formed the two member Captain Foam (Richard) and the Doctor (O'Brien). They played local clubs - very LOUD - and got some pretty good gigs. They kep going for a couple years until Richie decided to go solo - him, a guitar, and a lot of amps - and continued to play as Captain Foam.

Around 1970/1 he recorded a 45 which sounds pretty much like you think - loud heavy guitar. The 45 was recorded at Peppermint and released on Bold with a typical Bold artwork sleeve. The modern descrption would be "face-melter"! The other musicians were his brother Vince (who had been in the Mariners) and Mike McFadden on drums.

Richie supposedly gave up playing and moved to California. As fits a legend like Mr. Bertram, he remained elusive about his past. Supposedly his name came from his invention of a foam cleaning system that made him independently wealthy.

No Reason / Will There Ever Be A Time - Bold 377/358, 1971