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the Canadians / Mad Lads / Mad Ladds

Dayton, 1963-5

Don't have a lot of info on this group yet. The band seems to have started as the Mad Lads, but a different band to the Mad Lads that backed up H-Bomb Ferguson. The Dayton papers have ads for both groups, with the Mad Lads - pretty sure the group we are talking about - listed as a "Dayton Orchestra"...yep, rock bands were still called 'orchestras', sometimes, in 1964. 

The band released two 45s, the first one a guitar driven instrumental , "Midnight Terror" backed with their version of the big hit "Dream Lover". This 45 was self released on the Trey label. The group name was listed as Mad Ladds, probably to avoid the confusion with the H-Bomb Ferguson band. The writer credits are Gullett and Petrie

Some months later, they cut a 45 for Prism records, adding British Invasion influence and prominent combo orgran on the songs "You're My Baby" and "You Don't Love Me No More". The writer names are spelled Petrey and Gullet. The band's name was the Canadians, we don't know if that done just for the record or for permanent. There doesn't seem to be any references for a Canadians band in the Dayton papers.

Midnight Terror / Dream Lover - Trey 300, 1963/4
You Don't Love Me No More / You're My Baby - Prism 1913, late 1964