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Buckeye Boys

Nowhere, 1966/c. 1979

In the late 1970s, there was a expanding group of record collectors who were seraching for the long (mostly) forgotten recordings by 1960s teen rock bands. These bands and records were labelled "1960s punk", which, over time, became "garage bands". 

Records were bought and sold through mail order lists, and sometime around 1979/1980, a couple dealers were offering a previously unknown acetate credited to the Buckeye Boys. The labels said "Allied Recording" or something like that. The story behind the record, at least briefly conveyed to us, was that they were a band from the Cleveland area.

After 30 some years of having this out there in the world, there is no evidence that this band ever existed. At the time some of the members were claimed to be from another well known Cleveland area band, but we have asked most of the members of that band about it and they had no idea. The story is most likely that one of several possible shady record dealers created the acetates around 1979, from some completely unknown source, and tried to market them as vintage 1960s items with a false back story, to cash in on the emerging market for 60s punk. They were three notorious creators of fake acetates within 180 miles of Cleveland, it fits the M.O. of at least two of them. 

The recordings do sound like 1960s recordings, but other non Ohio related records from that time that were claimed to be 1960s products turned out to be of recent vintage so who knows? It it was a real 1960s band, they may have been from the area, under a different name. There was no evidence of an operation named Allied anything active in Ohio during that time. 

The specific songs on the acetate were -
All Day And All Of The Night ; The Little Black Egg / Rock'n Robin ; I Go Crazy 
Covers of Kinks ; Nightcrawlers / Bobby Day ; James Brown