Marion,  1972-5

Popular band fronted by Willie (Phoenix) Creagh, and included other Marion veteran musicians Jim Cummings, Mel McGary, John Smith, and Greg Glasgow. The group had formed out of Little Eric (which included Willie, Mel, and Jim). On August 25, 1973 the band won a national Battle Of The Bands competition at Greenville, SC, sponsored by the Jaycees. Willie (who while in this band became Willie Phoenix for good) was voted as the top performer, which would not be a suprize to anyone who had seen him perform. The band also released a 45, recorded at Musicol and released on the Kare label from Columbus. On the 45, Craig Markley plays synthesizer. 

(Credited as Boppers) Cleveland Dolls / Dancing in Rocket City  - Kare 106