Bleu Wyzard

Dayton, mid 1970s

Bleu Wyzard was led by Tom Eastridge, who was from a Dayton suburb called Clayton. The band released a 45 in 1976, and being from Dayton in the 1970s, they were going to play at least a little funk, although they were mainly a rock band that played local clubs. The songs were "Funky Sometime" and "Hangin' On", recorded at Cyberteknics and released on the house label Pork.

The band also recorded "Beginning", an early hit by Chicago, for a Dayton TV show entitled "The Beginning". This seemed to have been a show for teens and young adults

That's all we have for now, so please fill us in....

Funky Something / Hang On - Pork 10/20. 1976